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Blackbelt Gradings


Black belt gradings are to be held this weekend for both Kickboxing and Karate, on Saturday and Sunday 10/11 November 2018.

This day for some has taken 3-6 years of training generally 1-3 times per week.

Here are a few statistics that you may have seen before, but they always amaze me:-

“For every 10,000 people that join a Martial Arts academy, half will drop out in the first 6 months.

Of those remaining students about 1,000 will complete a year and then quit.

500 will make 2 years but only 100 will make  the 3rd anniversary. On average only 20 will make 1st Dan and less than 5 their 2nd.

1 shall go on to teach others. No matter how long the student is at the academy, the lessons learnt will be with them for the rest of their life and they will go onto share that life with others.

This person is a Black Belt

This person is 1 in 10,009


The above just shows how many people start, at all age ranges, but for various reasons don’t stick at it. Many finish around the teenage years and come back to Martial Arts later in life, and quickly pick back up where they left off despite many years out.

What it really shows though is the dedication anyone going for a Black Belt has made to Martial Arts and, the  large  majority will show the traits of a true Black Belt (humbleness, humility, kindness, self control) as well as having benefited from the vast ranging life skills developed over the years.

It takes a minimum of 3 years continuous training to be able to grade for 1st Dan, 5 years for 2nd, 8 years for 3rd, 12 years for 4th. Many finish after achieving their original goal of Black Belt, but this should be seen as just the beginning of your journey. There is so much to learn that Martial Arts is  a life time of learning, and 1st Dan is the true start of this journey.

However, everyones journey is individual to them. No-one is truly right or truly wrong, however long or short the journey is.

Some hit all the minimum “minimum time served” gradings, others take many more than 5 years to reach 1st Dan. Some can train regularly 2 or 3 times a week, whilst others train less frequently for a variety of reasons. Everyone learns at their own pace, and you will find yours.

Stick with it through the difficult times, and you will reap the rewards. Perseverance is the key to success. Winners NEVER quit, Quitters NEVER win.

The dedication and hard work it takes to get a Black Belt is, I believe, never really understood until you go through it yourself. If you’re not there yet though I highly recommend that you go to The Rutland Tennis Centre in Ilkeston on Saturday 10th November 1.30pm – 5pm to witness one of these gradings.

This is followed by an early morning run on the Sunday to show how much dedication has gone into their fitness and endurance.

The overall euphoria experienced by reaching your 1st Degree is something you have to experience yourself.


Just BEGIN the journey and everything else will fall into place, just so long as you NEVER quit.


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